Gas is considered a desirable utility for homeowners to have in their home.  The cost of natural gas supplied to the home is typically less than that of oil or electricity.  Here is Massachusetts many communities have gas on the street and in homes.  If you are purchasing Ma real estate and want to know if you can add a gas stove or switch from oil to gas heat there are many details that will determine if that is possible.  Billerica, MA real estate is one area where you will find many streets and homes have gas.  I recently built a large garage and added a gas heater.  In doing so I learned about gas meter sizes, gas line sizes from the street to the house and BTU's (a measurable energy unit).   Just because a home has gas heat doesn't mean you can add a gas stove or a second heating system if planning an addition.  The size of the gas line coming into the house is the first determining factor and the size of the meter is second.  My gas line was installed less than ten years ago and turns out they used a 3/4 inch pipe which means the max BTU's is 370,000.  Well, my furnace uses in 80,000 BTU, my fireplace 20,000 BTU, my new garage heater uses 60,000 BTU's, my stove is 20,000 and I opted to put in an on demand hot water heater which uses 180,000 BTU's.   So if you install too many gas items and run them at the same time you aren't able to get the full use of the equipment as you may loose pressure and appliances may not work.  #realestate #kdsellsma #billerica #Boston #marealestate